Vocational Guidance

Room for (re-)entering the labour market

In vocational guidance, we accompany people on their path into the labour market. We focus on the interests and strengths of the individuals and provide them with exact tools they need to enter the labour market.

On a national and international level, we act as a guide that leads people to the right professions. And we build up the basic skills of the participants that open up new opportunities for them on the labour market. This way, both people and companies can grow.

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Our current courses and projects in the field of “Vocational Guidance”

Logo der Jugendwerkstatt mit Schriftzug

Young people looking for an apprenticeship discover their individual strengths by trying out different professions through practical experience.

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We equip young people from 16 to 20 years of age with basic skills in German, English, Mathematics and IT, thus improving their chances on the labour market.

Get Started! Schriftzug als Logo

Job-seeking adults receive industry-specific theoretical and practical knowledge to help them successfully enter the trades, industry or IT sector.

Logo mit Schriftzug Grundqualifizierung Schönheitspopflege

We offer adults aged 18 and over who are interested in a job in the beauty industry the opportunity to acquire basic practical and theoretical skills.

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Together with international project partners, we support young people, especially NEETs in rural areas, in finding their way back into education and employment.

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Together with international project partners, we promote the integration of employees over 55 into the modern labour market.

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Vocational guidance is the process of helping people identify their career goals and choose a suitable career path. Vocational guidance projects implemented at the ipcenter are Jugendwerkstatt (Youth Workshop), #job.move, and “Get Started”. Each of these projects focuses on different occupational fields, ranging from industry and crafts to IT. As part of vocational guidance, participants gain insights into different professions and explore their own interests, skills, and inclinations. This allows them to make an informed decision about their future career.

Finding the right profession is not easy for many people. Vocational guidance projects help people finding the right job for them and the necessary vocational training. Making a suitable career choice and securing a job that matches their strengths, interests, and skills can be beneficial for individuals throughout their entire lives. Therefore, vocational guidance helps participants to take a step closer to their individual career goals and build a successful career.

Vocational guidance encompasses a variety of activities and measures that support individuals in identifying their career goals. At ipcenter, young people learn about different professions in a practical way and improve their knowledge in the areas of German, English, mathematics, and IT. Additionally, the process of applying for a suitable apprenticeship position is also part of vocational guidance at ipcenter.

The decision of which training to start after vocational guidance depends on various factors, especially on the individual interests and skills, but also on the current labour market situation.

No, it is not. However, the projects at ipcenter address two essential aspects:

On the one hand, the level of knowledge in the areas of German, English, mathematics, and IT/computer science must reach a certain level in order to start vocational training. If this is not yet the case, the knowledge will be improved in the projects #job.move and “Get Started”.

On the other hand, young people are encouraged to become aware of their strengths and, based on these, to choose a profession for training.