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Methodology & Didactics

Rom for effective teaching and learning processes

Methodology and didactics: The most important thing of knowledge transfer, our daily craft and production material at the same time. The paving stones on the educational paths of our participants. And the foundation of our educational offerings and concepts.

But we also promote the development and design of new, needs-oriented methodological and didactic approaches in our projects – in order to be able to solve defined problems through education. We consider teaching and learning processes as a whole: from concrete methods and techniques to the organization and planning of educational activities. Always with the aim of imparting the knowledge that allows people and companies to grow.

Icon das einen Pfeil zeigt, der eine Glühbirne und ein Zahnrad umfasst

Our current projects in the field of “Methodology & Didactics”

Logo den Projekts TeSTED

By developing innovative tools for the early identification and promotion of educational continuity, we are working with international partners to prevent young people from dropping out of school or other forms of education.

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Through the international partnership of various organisations, we are working on the ME App project to provide app-based support and motivation for jobseekers with psychosocial challenges.

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Together with international partners, we create tools to improve (online) language teaching by making it easier, more entertaining and more effective. In doing so, we help teachers to fully utilise the learning potential of their participants.

Projektlogo von SeRWas

Together with international partner companies, we are strengthening cyber resilience in the water industry by developing advanced methods and tools for risk identification and knowledge transfer.

Logo vom Projekt SOTERIA

By developing the online platform, which enables citizens to verify their identity across the EU and securely store personal data, we are working with international partners to promote a secure digital space.

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Methodology and didactics are central terms in pedagogy and education, and therefore play a significant role in adult education. Methodology deals with specific teaching and learning methods that are used to convey knowledge and/or achieve learning goals. It includes techniques and tools that support learners in their learning processes and teachers in their teaching processes. On the other hand, didactics involves the organization and planning of learning content. It structures and prepares them in a such way that they can be processed most effectively by learners.

Didactics deals with teaching and learning as a whole, whereas methodology focuses on specific methods that can be used in the teaching and learning environment.

Didactics plays an important role in every educational direction. In adult education, didactic concepts are adapted to the needs of adults in order to design effective and targeted learning and educational processes for this age group.

Methodology encompasses essential tools for the education and training of adults. Just as in the school and vocational education of children and young people, specific factors are considered in adult education and translated into suitable learning methods. The applied methods include the most effective learning techniques and tools for the target group.