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Room for educational and training qualifications for positive future prospects

The house of horrors of future prospects for young people: low income prospects, unemployment, professional instability, limited social mobility. However, what can help to avoid this house of horrors altogether is educational qualifications or completed vocational training.

Because it is clear that they form the basic prerequisite for a greater choice of job opportunities and career paths. And thus, make an important contribution to higher income, professional stability, and social participation.

That is why the Erasmus project “TeSTED” (Tackling Dropouts Through Systematic Students Screening) is promoting the reduction of (educational) dropouts. Because learning skills and abilities sets the course for a proactive and self-determined life. This ensures that everyone has employment opportunities.

Logo den Projekts TeSTED

About TeSTED: All information about the project

Project contents

In the period from 10/2022 to 10/2025, we, together with five project partners will develop the following instruments:

  • An online assessment tool for an early identification of dropout risks
  • A collection of training materials to support teachers in identifying and preventing dropouts
  • A safe environment for trainers to exchange experiences

Target audience

The TeSTED project is aimed at teachers and trainers, supporting them in identifying and preventing educational dropouts at an early stage.

Project goals

The aim of the project is to reduce the number of (educational) dropouts among young people. To this, tools are being developed to support teachers and trainers in their daily work. Promoting exchange within the target audience is an essential sub-goal.

Achieving more together

TeSTED is made through the funding provided by Erasmus+. Partners in the implementation are:

  • Uniunea Sindicatelor Libere din Invatamantul PreuniversitarIasi (Romania)
  • Akmi Anonimi Ekpaideftiki Etairia (Greece)
  • European Association of Vocational Training Providers (Germany)
  • BK Consult GmbH (Germany)
  • DAYANA-H Ltd. (Bulgaria)

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