Language & Integration

Room for the devolopment of language and social skills

Language is the key to society, the labour market, and integration. Every day, we hand over this key to a large number of people: Through individual learning content, we equip participants with the knowledge that supports them in achieving their professional and personal goals. In this way, we support people so that they can successfully gain a foothold in the labour market and in a new country – so that everyone has a job.

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Our current courses and projects in the field of “Language & Integration”

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In our German and literacy courses, we support people with different linguistic backgrounds and cultural differences in integrating into society and the labour market.

Englisch & Wirtschaftsenglisch

In English courses, we support job seekers in deepening their language skills. In this way, we open up new career opportunities for participants.

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We accompany immigrants in integration courses, assisting them in establishing themselves successfully both professionally and socially by providing them with essential language and cultural knowledge.

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One option is to participate in an integration course at the ipcenter. In combination with German courses, this format offers a good basis for successful integration in Vienna.

In addition to their language courses, the ipcenter’s additional integration courses provide essential knowledge about life, work, society, and values in Austria. Participants in the integration courses also receive information about education, further training, and employment opportunities in Austria.

After successful completion of an integration and language course, graduates receive a confirmation of their participation. The German courses finishes(concludes) with certified German exams according to ÖSD or ÖIF guidelines.

After completing the integration course in Vienna, participants can prove their successful participation in the course and their acquired language skills – an important first step towards sustainable integration in Vienna.

A language course plays a crucial role in the integration into a new country. Language courses not only establish an essential basis for communication but also lay the foundation for social and professional integration in Austria.

The language program at the ipcenter focuses on German and English language courses.  Participants at ipcenter are taught according to their individual language level.

Language courses that take place at the ipcenter are financed by government sponsors such as AMS Wien and ÖIF. This means that participants do not have to bear any direct costs for the courses they complete and they can enrol through the mentioned institutions listed above.

German courses at the ipcenter conclude with a recognized ÖIF exam or an Austrian Language Diploma (ÖSD) exam. The English and Business English courses are complemented by an APTIS exam from the British Council, which certifies the acquired language skills.