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ipcenter is part of a European educational group based in Vienna. The company has been active in the national and international education and labor markets for over 25 years and employs over 200 trainers at three locations in Vienna. Every day, we accompany and support clients from the private and public sectors on their way to achieving their professional goals. We also assist companies in finding the qualifications in the labor market that they need for their economic survival. With us, people and companies grow equally. Through education.

Our actions are always guided by our basic principles. It outlines the framework of our “room for education.”

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Guiding principle

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Every person has a workplace.

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Every company can exist and grow.

We strive for a future where individuals achieve their professional goals through education. And as qualified employees, they lead companies to success.

For us, education means more than just imparting knowledge. It shows paths and builds bridges – to professional success, personal growth, and an inclusive labour market.


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With our educational offerings and concepts, people can pursue careers that fulfill them and secure their future.

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And companies find the qualifications they need in the labor market to survive economically.

As educational providers, we accompany people on their journey towards their professional goals. We believe that access to knowledge promotes equal opportunities and integration. And that the acquisition of skills and competencies sets the course for a proactive and self-determined life.

We act as a bridge between the labour market and the economy. Because we support people in acquiring the qualifications and skills they need for successful employment. And we help companies find these individuals and build highly qualified teams.

We are committed to the highest quality standards in all training and further education formats to ensure added value for all stakeholders:
employees, customers, and the business environment.


In fulfilling this mission, we rely daily on the pillars of our corporate culture, which shape our actions, our work methods, and our relationships.

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We value each other.

Appreciation forms the foundation for successful relationships and sustainable success for us. We respect and promote individuality and diversity. And we recognize the valuable contribution that colleagues at ipcenter make. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of expressing this explicitly.

We listen and take everyone’s opinions and ideas seriously. And we create an open and inclusive atmosphere where everyone can freely express themselves. This is directly reflected in our educational offerings and their implementation: We create space for constructive dialogue and a better understanding.

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We work as a team.

We are convinced that collaborative efforts and cooperative thinking lead to the best results. That’s why the team spirit at ipcenter is tangible and based on trust, community and mutual respect. We share our knowledge, learn from each other, and support one another.

The exchange of ideas and cross-departmental collaboration creates synergies and achieves goals that go beyond what would be possible individually.

We value diverse skills, personalities, and opinions. After all, each individual brings a unique perspective to the table and plays a key role in shaping the innovative strength of our company.

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We communicate oppenly and honestly.

We believe that transparency forms the basis for trust and cooperation. With our intranet, we ensure that every employee has equal access to relevant information. We share events, plans and decision-making processes there. In this way, we promote a sense of belonging and invite each individual to actively contribute to the company’s development.

We inform our customers, partners and the public about our products, services and business practices via our website, our company blog and in personal and open discussions. This fundamental attitude promotes sustainable and trusting collaboration.

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The ip.forum is a project of ipcenter.at GmbH and combines education, work, art and society. Since 2011, the company has been actively bringing cultural aspects into the lives of customers, partners and employees. The regular exhibitions offer the opportunity to get to know artists and their works in an informal setting and to exchange ideas with those interested in art.

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