Vocational Training

Room for a successful career with an apprenticeship.

Vocational training lays the foundation for a successful and sustainable career and an independent life. For over 20 years now, we have been offering apprenticeships in the fields of health, beauty care, IT and media, both on the first and second educational paths. In this way, we accompany thousands of young people and adults towards their final exams and place them in companies looking for personnel. This enables people to start a successful career path as skilled workers and allows companies to grow with them.

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Vocational Training at ipcenter

UEBA Ueberbetriebliche Lehrausbildung

Inter-company vocational training offers young people without an apprenticeship a specialized training program with a recognized qualification, preparing them for a successful and secure professional future.

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Skilled worker intensive training allows adults to learn a trade in a reduced timeframe and enter a new career path as qualified professionals.

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Through our game-based blended learning program, we support young people in their personal development by strengthening their social skills.

In the NOGAP project, we work together with international partners to prevent dropouts from vocational training by adapting proven personality training methods from the school sector and integrating them into vocational training programs.

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Vocational training is an education that focuses on a specific profession and is completed with an official apprenticeship exam. This exam proves that the necessary skills and knowledge have been acquired to be able to work successfully in a particular field.

Vocational training can be completed on the first or second year of education and is offered at ipcenter in the areas of health and beauty care, as well as information technology and media.

Through vocational training at ipcenter, young people and adults can obtain a professional qualification. Completing a vocational training program opens concrete career opportunities and increases the chances of success in the labour market. The training provides a solid foundation for income, job security, mobility, and satisfaction. Graduates of vocational training programs are skilled professionals who are in high demand, especially in times of skilled labour shortages.

An important step before starting the vocational training is choosing the right profession. Depending on interests, talents, and the desired future career, different vocational training programs with a diploma can be completed at ipcenter. In the field of health, vocational training programs in optometry and hearing aid acoustics are offered. In the field of beauty care, ipcenter provides vocational training programs for hairdressers (stylist) and cosmetics, and foot care. For individuals interested in media, ipcenter offers the vocational training to become a media specialist.

The abbreviation FIA+ stands for "Facharbeiter:innenintensivausbildung" which translates to inter-company vocational training in English.

Intensive skilled worker training is a program completed in half of the legally required training time. Individuals aged 18 and above, who are registered as job seekers with the Vienna employment service and who either have an incomplete or no education in the desired occupational field, can attend intensive skilled worker training programs in the professions of "hairdresser (stylist)" or "cosmetics" at ipcenter. Similar to other vocational training programs, this training format combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills.

Participation in this program is only possible through enrolment via the employment service.

Young people aged 15 and above, who are registered as job seekers in Vienna or have lost their apprenticeship position, can learn various professions through inter-company vocational training at ipcenter.

Inter-company vocational training (abbreviated as ÜBA) combines theoretical education in vocational schools with practical training elements in workshops and practice salons, as well as collaborations with industry-specific companies. The goal of inter-company vocational training to switch to working in a company and start on-the-job training while still in the training program. Participation in this program is exclusively possible through enrolment via the Employment Service.

Individuals who can prove that they have completed their compulsory education and who are registered as apprenticeship seekers with the public employment service in Vienna (AMS Wien), are eligible for inter-company vocational training. Before starting inter-company vocational training, it is necessary to get in touch with  U25 Wien » AMS Jugendliche Wien | AMS notwendig.

The abbreviation ÜBA stands for "Überbetriebliche Lehrausbildung," which translates to inter-company vocational training in English.

The inter-company vocational training (Überbetriebliche Lehrausbildungen or ÜBA) offered by ipcenter in Vienna takes place at the Breitenfurter Straße branch.

ipcenter provides the following ÜBA programs: Optometry, Hairdressers (Stylist), Hearing Aid Acoustics, Cosmetics and Pedicure (combined apprenticeship), Media Specialist.

Inter-company vocational training at ipcenter can only be initiated after contacting AMS Wien. The AMS Wien for apprenticeship seekers can be reached here:
U25 Wien » AMS Jugendliche Wien | AMS