DF4Y – Digital Finance 4 Youth

Room for the promotion of financial skills

Financial education is often only a marginal topic in schools. The consequence: Many young people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, lack financial skills. This makes it difficult for them to make informed decisions about income, expenses, and other financial matters.

The Digital Finance 4 Youth (DF4Y) project aims to counteract this. It is committed to the development of digital learning resources to promote financial education among young people and to support those who work with them professionally or privately with materials and training. The combination of knowledge transfer and gamification creates basic financial knowledge and thus facilitates social and economic integration. This enables everyone to find their way around the professional and financial world more easily – and ultimately to have a job.

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About DF4Y: All information about the project

Project content

During the project period from 01/2023 to 12/2024, together with five project partners from five different countries we are developing:

  • An online training application (Money App) for young people
  • A training program for those involved in youth and community work
  • Training materials for educators in the form of a comprehensive manual and curriculum including an online toolkit for passing on knowledge to young people

Target audience

The DF4Y project is aimed at young adults from socially disadvantaged backgrounds and individuals who work with them, educate them, train them, and/or advise them.

Project goals

The goal of the DF4Y project is to promote the financial competencies of young people. Two paths lead to this goal: digital learning resources for the young people themselves and materials for those who interact with them professionally and/or privately.

Achieving more together

DF4Y is made possible through the support of Erasmus+. Partners in the implementation are:

  • Sud Concept (France)
  • ELDERBERRY AB (Sweden)
  • Smartians Nonprofit Kft. (Hungary)
  • UNESSA (Belgium)

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Contact person

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