Go-ViSE! – Social Entrepreneurship Goes Virtual

Room for supporting young entrepreneurs

Digitalization is advancing rapidly and affects every sector. This means that new skills and know-how are required – regardless of age or industry – in order to keep up with this progress and to use it both personally and professionally. Against this background, the Go-ViSE! project focuses on young entrepreneurs from the social and/or creative sectors. It helps them to promote their work and activities online. A combination of knowledge, tools, and the use of virtual reality technology supports them on their path to professional success, enabling them and their businesses to grow.

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Project contents

During the project period from 09/2023 to 08/2025, we are developing, in collaboration with four project partners from four different countries:

  • a digital entrepreneur toolkit
  • a virtual gallery serving as a digital sales and networking platform
  • a handbook and training curriculum for trainers in vocational education

Target group

The Go-ViSE! project is aimed at young entrepreneurs in the social and/or creative sectors.

Project goals

The goal of the Go-ViSE! project is to strengthen young social entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial, networking, and sales skills through knowledge and tools for digital technologies.

Achieving more together

Go-ViSE! is made possible through funding from Erasmus+. Partners in the implementation are:

  • SOC Blended Learning Limited (Ireland)
  • Elderberry AB (Sweden)
  • Cluster of social entrepreneurship of Vojvodina – KASPEV (Serbia)
  • Compass Center for entrepreneurship, Frankfurt am Main, GmbH (Germany)

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Contact person

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Olivia Schabowski, MA

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